Kenderszer Non-Profit Community Organization

Dear Visitor!

Welcome to Kenderszer Non-Profit Community Organization.

Kenderszer as a community-run non-profit organization was launched December 2001 by a handful of young, enthusiastic Bodony-born renegades, and members of already-running Kenderszer Folk Dance Company. We work to embrace and propel local culture, sports and various other community activities.

Our main focus since formation has been to support the Dance Company, thus driving our initial steps in this direction. We have raised funds from a number of culture grants to remodel the new club, to support key public events, and to beef up the Dance Company’s show wardrobe.

We have built and maintained strong ties with local community initiatives and local governments right from the start. This networking has born fruits in a multitude of cultural events and other public functions over the past years, entitling us to some modest sense of contribution.

For tax purposes, as of January 1st, 2004 we have been granted eligibility to that 1% of your personal income tax that you are free to give to a qualifying charitable organization; at the same time, our organization received non-profit status (under Act CLVI of 1997). Our efforts for the benefit of the public targeted at shaking up a rural culture scene while preserving local traditions.